Waxwing Dundalk 2011

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Redpoll news

The redpoll that was seen in my garden with a bto ring was ring as a 1year bird in 2010 in Doncaster UK.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Redpolls in my garden

A redpoll coming to my feeder had a bto ring on its right leg.I got a friend of mine whose is a ringer to come to my garden to try and catch it.We set up the net  and caught  4 redpolls but no sign of the ringed bird.I keep feeding the birds with up to 21 redpolls coming to the feeder.Today the ringed bird was on site so  I took a few  photos and after reviewing a lot of photos worked out the  ring number.It has been sent to the BTO  and await the results.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Surf Scoter at Salterstown

A Surf scoter was found on Sunday 18 march but did not stay long.It flew out into the bay maybe to join the big flock off the Cooley coast.A white wagtail was at gyles quay today with no other migrants seen.Their have been a few reports of a red kite in the Cooley mountains.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Louth G.S. Woodpeckers

A  review  of  G.S.Woodpeckers seen Co. Louth .

The first report came from the Dunleer area  August 11 2008 of possible juv. G.s.w. seen in a garden .
Then an adult female g.s.w was coming to a feeder at Dromin   a few mile west of Dunleer from August 25 to April 2009.
Next report was from Knock bridge on Oct.10  2010 where the adult female spent a short time along the river bank tree          Then on July 13  2012 a juv. G.s.w was seen in Ravensdale wood from a hide while an photographer was looking for jays.
Later in the year on August 31 at Grangebellew 2 g.s.w were reported a adult female and a juv coming to a nut feeder.
At the end of the year December 30 a ample gsw was at Ballymac woods.
Grangebellew  juv.

Drumin adult
Ravensdale juv.